About SMG

SMG focuses towards a payment solution that maximises ease and reduces the risk for merchants aiming to create a future that guarantees usable, stable, and widely accepted cryptocurrency. The SMG Financial System has ample functionality with the option for real-time fiat to crypto (and vice versa) conversion. SMG has a unique POS app for businesses and remittance service for crypto purchasers configured to fit the contours of the retail sector and digital asset economy. Our expertise from the FinTech and payment service processing field gives us direct access to innovate this industry from within and disrupt the market with blockchain based solutions.

Why Choose SMG

SMG offers a comprehensive solution for storing, paying or managing cryptocurrency along-side fully-fledged tools for retail businesses. It comes with a new solution which combines the benefits of traditional payment systems with the transactional efficiency, accountability, transparency, speed and pricing of the adoption of cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets and the blockchain technology.

SMG Acceptability

The introduction of a blockchain-based platform like SMG ties together all components to ensure speed, transparency, and cost-efficiency in making transactions.


SMG BID allows users to bid against certain products and gets the product. It uses a combination of peer-to-peer networking and cryptography and brings users an advanced reverse bidding platform.

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SMG comes with a unique idea of providing cab service through its state of the art application moving a step forward to enhance the customer experience.

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SMG Shop

The SMG Shop allows everyone to buy and sell diverse products under one umbrella with minimum fees and no middlemen.

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SMG Point-of-Sale

The SMG Point-of-Sale (POS) offers a distinct API for instant product buying or selling with the use of cryptocurrencies.

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SMG Exchange

Trading has never been easier. SMG provides a fully customizable crypto exchange platform that enables real time centralized trading of major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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SMG Money

SMG money platform eliminates all the inefficiencies forging the path for cheaper, accelerated, and transparent cross-border transactions.

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SMG Academy

As learning never stops, SMG Academy provides a platform for educational purposes with various packages and educational material for learners.

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SMG Travel

SMG Believes in ultimate inspirational trips and so provides a travel platform where travelers for basic to expert level can experience exceptional packages and tourism.

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Blockchain technology has the potential to be even more revolutionary in the future. It’s a combination of three leading technologies; cryptographic keys, peer-to-peer network containing a shared ledger, and a means of computing to store transactions and records of the network make it an exceptional technology for the modern era.


With blockchain, all transactions are broadcast to all peers ensuring the ledger is transparent. However, the privacy is assured owing to the encrypted nature of the transactions.

Safe & Secure

Security is the potential of blockchain. The peer to peer network and cryptographic nature of blockchain makes sure that all records are safe and secure.


The resilience is due to the distributed nature of the ledger. The information would still be accessible even if many peers go offline.

SMG Features

SMG platform comes with variety of benefits for the users by providing a full feature financial system focusing on maximising the ease and usability. The key features of SMG platform includes:


SMG ensures transparency by broadcasting all transactions which in turn eliminates any security risks.

Multi-Currency System

SMG is a step ahead of the other payment solutions and comes with a multi-currency system for the new digital age.

Instant Transactions

The financial system of SMG offers fast multi-currency transactions for the users to enhance the user experience.


Providing security is of the utmost importance and foremost priority of SMG. The user can be assured of the safety and security that SMG provides through its cryptography.

Retail Opportunity

SMG provides a global decentralised B2B & B2C platform for ecommerce that streamlines the free flow of funds between platform users, merchants and the emerging digital asset economy.

Cross-Border Credit Scoring

The SMG platform improves the current lending ecosystem by creating a globally applicable and inclusive credit profile, reducing the need for traditional banking infrastructure and rigid, proprietary credit scores.

Token distribution

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Starting Amount:

Starting Amount:


It is a long established fact that a

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